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Your search for shop vacs in Toronto is over!

Lemarg Rental is your number one source for shop vac rentals in Toronto. You won’t find a better selection of equipment to choose from anywhere else— online or offline. Whether you are the CEO of a large construction company planning a new project, or a flood damage restoration company, Lemarg Rental is ready to meet your needs. We provide the best deals in Toronto on every product we have on offer. Our phone lines are staffed 24 hours a day, so when you start to do business with us, you know you’ll have our support exactly when you need it, day or night. Contact us to book your professional shop vac. Rent from our Toronto location today.

Contact us online or call 1.855.753.6274

We have you covered. Whether you only need one unit or a fully loaded truck, we are here to help. Contact us to get the equipment you need and get the job done. We will respond as soon as possible.

Why businesses need shop vacs

Although they resemble their household appliance cousins, shop vacs are much stronger than traditional vacuum cleaners. While they do not have a complex filtration system, shop vacs are powerful enough to remove debris from construction sites like sawdust and stray nails without damaging the internal machinery. Many shop vacs have dry and wet settings, which allows them to vacuum standing water. For this reason, they are also great tools for cleaning up after a flood. Whatever your needs are, anyone seeking a professional shop vac can rent in Toronto at Lemarg Rental.

Renting a shop vac in Toronto just got easier

In Toronto, the shop vac rental industry revolves around Lemarg Rental. No other Toronto shop vac rental company has the ability to provide the extensive customer support that we are proud to offer our customers. Our truck drivers are ready to deliver equipment every moment of every day and night. If you want to leave the hard labour to us, we even offer an optional monitoring service: our technicians will remain on-site to operate the equipment for you. Call one of our agents to find out why we have been the most trusted Toronto shop vac rental service for so many years.

Call us for immediate help. Trucks & Trailers Loaded & Ready to Deliver 24 / 7.