Newmarket is a quaint town located in the Municipality of York Region in Ontario. Newmarket was originally developed as a farming town, however, since the 1980’s it has become primarily a residential town. Newmarket’s historical Main Street is home to Newmarket’s Old Town Hall. Newmarket offers an abundance of conservation areas, such as Fairy Lake and many parks. The Upper Canada Mall is one of Newmarket’s great landmarks. Yonge St. allows easy access to Downtown Toronto. It is also a region that on occasion needs drying equipment rental Newmarket services.

A Thriving Town

Newmarket is located on the Holland River which connects Lake Simcoe to Lake Ontario. This region continues to grow and flourish with many new residential developments and commercial businesses. The town has a very strong employment base which allows residents to travel less than 30 minutes to work. Many prominent public and private businesses are located in Newmarket such as:


  • Magna International
  • Celestica Inc.
  • Mars Canada Inc.
  • Cintas
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • York Regional Police
  • Southlake Regional Health Centre


Newmarket residents can enjoy many businesses and services while living in this beautiful suburban town. As a thriving town residents and businesses cannot afford to have damage done to their homes because of any type of flooding. When this does occur they need to rely on quality rental drying equipment services which is provided by


Flooding and Water Damage in Newmarket


Newmarket residents may experience from time to time flooding issues resulting in water damage. Fortunately, there is the availability of drying equipment rental in Newmarket. Early spring months can bring an abundance of precipitation leading to flooding basements, leaky roofs and other water damaging issues.

Newmarket residents can quickly call upon professional water damage and restoration services that have access to drying equipment rentals in Newmarket. is a business that offers professionals a variety of drying equipment available for rent. Utilizing commercial-grade drying equipment greatly decreases the significant damage that unwanted water can cause.


Water Seepage Issues Requiring Drying Equipment Rental in Newmarket


Aside from natural element environmental issues causing water to seep into a residence or business, there are many other disasters that may cause water seepage leading to the requirement of water damage experts. Other issues that may arise are faulty appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher, or water softener, water pipes which may have burst, a faulty toilet, poor plumbing issues, frozen pipes, sewer backup, a leaky roof, and improperly sealed windows to name a few. However, whatever the cause for water seepage, it is imperative to act quickly to reduce the damage caused by water.

Water damage may seem minimal but can accumulate quite quickly leading to significant damage. Residents may have to call their insurance companies depending on the amount of water damage, the insurance company will immediately send professional water damage and restoration services to their location.


Commercial Drying Equipment Rentals in Newmarket


To reduce the amount of damage water can cause, it is highly recommended that professionals use commercial-grade drying equipment. is a great company to rent professional drying equipment from. The company has reasonable, competitive rental rates and drying equipment can be delivered to the site and picked up once the job is complete. The website is user friendly and its just a matter of a client filling out the form and once completed the required equipment will be delivered to the destination and picked up when no longer needed.