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Jason Geall
Jason Geall
Lotan David
Lotan David
Fast delivery and quality equipment! The renting process was easy!
Oleg Olegovich
Oleg Olegovich
They saved me in a terrible situation. Much thanks for such a quick response!
lavanya rajaian
lavanya rajaian

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Toronto Professional Air Scrubber Filters

Professional Air Scrubber Filters:
Project managers, construction crews, or business owners searching for companies that provide air scrubber rental in Toronto should expect to find the broadest selection of equipment at Drying Equipment. Thanks to our impeccable record of stellar customer service and the wide range of options we have on offer at all times, we have been successfully providing equipment rentals to Toronto’s largest construction companies, commercial service providers, and flood damage clean-up crews for many years now.

By inducing negative pressure, air scrubbers capture the impure air with contaminated particles and produce clean, non-contaminated air. A negative pressure environment will help to contain the dust particles, mold, and odors within the designated workspace containment barrier. Since air always flows from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure, inducing and maintaining negative pressure creates inward airflow direction through any leaks or openings in the containment barrier. This prevents airborne impure particles and contaminants from escaping into and contaminating other parts of the work area.

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Very quick and efficient service. Russell and his crew identified the problem and took charge in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Lemarg to any home owner in need.

Adrian Golombek
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Lemarg did a great job handling my basement water leak in Woodbridge. I found them on google and was able to get in touch with Russel after hours to describe the issue. He was able to get his crew start the work in the next morning. Overall they did a great job and kept us informed on the process as well as handled the communication with the insurance company.

Alex Koss
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Toronto Professional Air Mover Rental: Why?

Air movers can be preferable to industrial fans for some construction and safety needs. They can start or stop a heavy airflow instantly, whereas fan blades take a few seconds to reach their maximum speed and then come to a stop. Air movers can also be safer as some do not require electricity to run. They have dozens of uses including ventilation, drying paint, cooling motors, and clearing debris from work sites. You can even humidify a room by spraying mist into the air stream. Perhaps the most common use for air movers is extracting dangerous fumes and gases from a work site or a disaster area.

Industrial Air Mover for Rent in Toronto 24/7

In Toronto, air mover rental companies envy Lemarg Rental for our comprehensive customer service. No one else has the resources to be on-call every second of every day to respond to your company’s unique needs. No matter what your needs or what time they arise, our team is prepared to help you. We have truck drivers ready to go at all hours, and our support team is available exactly when you need them. If you’re renting complex machinery, you even have the option to request a technician to stay on-site to set up and operate the equipment. Take a look at our air movers and call one of our agents to set up your delivery in just minutes.