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David Dimitry
David Dimitry
Needed an air scrubber pdq and these guys were fantastic. Delivered the unit within 30 minutes of the call. Most please with the service and support.
Nicholas Teehan
Nicholas Teehan
Very prompt professional and helpful.
J.P Park
J.P Park
Definitely a great company to work with. Ross was such a considerate person. Great equipment conditions!
Clint Seukeran
Clint Seukeran
Prompt professional service with reliable equipment.
We rented dehumidifiers and airmovers from Drying Equipment for one of our sites. Equipment did the job as expected, but what stood out is the service we received from our initial phone conversation to how quickly their team delivered the equipment. They saved us tons of travelling time and the headache of running around. Very easy to place an order and super company to deal with. Highly recommend to use them and rent from them.
Carmcon Inc.
Carmcon Inc.
Russell was exceptional to deal with right from first contact with Drying Equipment. I will absolutely call them again for the next job.
Rob Bruno
Rob Bruno
Absolutely fantastic company. Legitimate professional & easy to deal with. Had a flood in my basement I was panicking I called drying equipment they walked me through the process I rented a dryer & humidifier they showed up in 30 minutes with my equipment & they took care of my mess. The machines do the work & it was affordable no labor costs just rent two machines & voila the water was gone. I Highly Recommend Drying Equipment. Thanks Drying Equipment you saved me.
Fourth Lane
Fourth Lane
Fast and efficient! and Yes it is a legitimate business though there is no physical location provided by the owner, Russell.
Jason Geall
Jason Geall
Lotan David
Lotan David
Fast delivery and quality equipment! The renting process was easy!

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Best rentals of industrial fans Toronto

Best Air Dryer and Industrial Fan Rentals in Toronto:
Building managers and construction companies looking to rent a professional air dryer or fan in Toronto will find everything they need at Drying Equipment. We offer the most comprehensive array of high-quality appliances to meet the needs of a diversity of unique customers. In addition, we provide industrial fan and air dryer rental in Toronto to large corporate building projects, contractors, and businesses. So whether you need to press the button on a cool breeze to combat the summer heat or you are trying to keep warm air circulating during the winter months, our air dryers, industrial fans, and air movers can make your workplaces safer, healthier, and more comfortable.
Of all the companies that advertise industrial fans and air dryers rentals in Toronto, Drying Equipment is the only one that will deliver on just a moment’s notice. We have customer service agents servicing our phone lines and truck drivers ready to depart—literally at all hours. We understand that your professional equipment needs very rarely follow a schedule. When you do business with us, you have us on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.
Dri-eaz Air Dryer and Air Mover Rental:
At Drying Equipment, Dri-Eaz has remained a reliable manufacturer of world-class restoration equipment, including air dryers, air scrubbers, negative air machines, air movers, and axial fans.
Dri-Eaz portable air dryers and air movers can be used to dry floors and walls and ventilate crawl spaces. With high CFMs and maximum airflow, Dri-Eaz air dryers and axial fans speed up the drying process. Dri-Eaz air dryers and movers are compact and portable, making them an ideal solution for water damage restoration professionals as well as homeowners with challenging moisture problems. Their daisy-chain connectivity allows professionals and contractors to plug together multiple units on the GFCI safety plug easily. Additionally, Dri-Eaz centrifugal fans use very few amps, making them ideal for use in customer homes where breakers can be an issue. Further, these air dryers use potent motors to diffuse air across spaces for drying and air circulation.
The Dri-Eaz air drying systems effectively dry out those harder-to-reach spaces, especially areas with extensive water damage. The drying systems help to eliminate moisture while reducing mildew and mold growth. At Drying Equipment, our modern machinery rentals such as air dryers, air movers and air purifiers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and negative air machines from Dri-Eaz save hardwood flooring from warping and further damage with mats that take water vapor outright through the surface of the wood. Additionally, air dryers take moisture out of structural cavities and walls with a drying system that incorporates hoses and cuffs.
At Drying Equipment, you can always count on us for fair and reasonable prices, quality products, and excellent customer service!

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Very quick and efficient service. Russell and his crew identified the problem and took charge in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Lemarg to any home owner in need.

Adrian Golombek
Originally Posted at

Lemarg did a great job handling my basement water leak in Woodbridge. I found them on google and was able to get in touch with Russel after hours to describe the issue. He was able to get his crew start the work in the next morning. Overall they did a great job and kept us informed on the process as well as handled the communication with the insurance company.

Alex Koss
Originally Posted on

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The AirGo Big Ass Fan

One of the most popular industrial fans out there is the AirGo Big Ass Fan. Standing very tall at 8 feet, its airflow covers half the length of a football field, yet it runs quietly enough that you can still hear a person talking even if they are standing right in front of it. These fans are easy to move around and can be used inside or outside without a hitch. In addition to this, the extensive support services we provide make Lemarg Rental the number one place to rent a professional drying fan in Toronto. You will also notice our comprehensive customer service and labour of love attitude.

Industrial fans rental in Toronto-on call

Of all the companies that advertise the rental of industrial fans in Toronto, Lemarg Rental is the only one that will deliver on just a moment’s notice. We have customer service agents servicing our phone lines and truck drivers ready to depart—literally at all hours. We understand that your professional equipment needs very rarely follow a schedule. When you do business with us, you have us on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. We’ll even send a technician to set up and operate equipment for you, if you choose. Other Toronto drying equipment companies simply can’t compete.